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Re-Grand Opening of Tony Roma's in Waikiki, Hawaii

February 10, 2012

This week, we celebrated the "Re-Grand Opening" of our Tony Roma's restaurant in Waikiki, Hawaii. It recently underwent a remodel, and now looks absolutely beautiful.

The restaurant was originally opened in August, 1980, almost 32 years ago. There are still two original Tony Roma's team members working at the Waikiki restaurant who started on the day it opened.

Suzie Du Bois is a bartender who, over the years, has served guests from Liza Minelli to Tom Selleck, and even the Rolling Stones (sans Mick Jagger).

J.P. Choy is the Regional Chef, and started as a dishwasher on opening day in 1980. J.P. was 17 years old at the time, and Tony ROma's is the only company he's ever worked for.

Suzie's most memorable moment at Tony Roma's over the past 32 years was a car that crashed through the wall of the restaurant. This allowed the owners of the building to install new windows when the wall was replaced.

We are so grateful to have people like Suzie and J.P. as part of our team. It's people like them who have helped Tony Roma's create a long-standing tradition of bringing great food and excellent service to the people of Waikiki!