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I, the undersigned, state that all of the information I am including on this Application For Employment is true and understand that falsification of any of this information, or any follow-up information provided during an interview or on my resume may result in disqualification for employment or immediate dismissal from my position or termination of benefits if I am already employed.

I authorize Romacorp, Inc. (herein called the Company), to verify this information and to contact any medical, academic, employment and personal references I have provided or may provide unless I specifically deny permission for a specific reference. I further authorize the Company and/or its agents, including consumer reporting bureaus, to verify any of this information including, but not limited to, criminal history and motor vehicle driving records. I understand that my employment is contingent upon a satisfactory report from this background investigation.

I authorize all references I have provided or may provide to release any and all information concerning my background and hereby release all such references as well as the Company from any liability for any claim or damage whatsoever for issuing, receiving or using this information. A facsimile or xerographic copy of my authorization is to be taken as being as valid as this original.

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, I am entitled to know if insurance or employment is denied because of information obtained by the Company from a consumer reporting bureau. I will be so advised by the Company and be given the name of the reporting agency or source of information.

I understand that nothing contained in the Application for Employment or in the granting and scheduling of an interview creates or may be taken as creating an employment contract between the Company and me for either employment or the provision of any benefit. I further understand that, if employed, my employment will be in accordance with all applicable Company policies, procedures and amendments thereto.

Finally, I understand that, if employed, I have the right to end my employment at any time and that the Company has the same right, its only obligation being to pay the wages or salary that I earn up to and including the date on which my employment ends.